Drug Round Disposable Tabards (125)

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Single use biodegradable polythene tabards to protect and identify staff including nurses and infection control specialists working on priority projects. Also used to identify staff working in restricted, high risk areas and isolation zones. Reduces cross-infection risk. Reduces error risk and time spent on special tasks by minimising interruptions from patients and other staff. Lowers risk of entering general zones without going through decontamination process. Economical - disposable tabard does not require laundering; suitable for short duration tasks.

Drug Round Tabards - Red

Single use red biodegradable polythene tabards for nurses on drug rounds. For use in all types of hospital ward including general medical, surgical and SCBU. Also appropriate for use in residential care and nursing homes. Reduces interruptions, reduces time spent on drug rounds, improves efficiency and accuracy of drug distribution, increases patient safety, increases environment safety, reduces cost of prescribing errors and reduces drug waste.