Jelonet 5cm x 5cm Dressings - Pack of 5


Jelonet is a paraffin gauze dressing.

Soothes and protects the wound and allows free passage of exudate – Jelonet is soothing and low-adherent and allows the wound to drain freely into an absorbent secondary dressing.

Maintains shape, resists fraying – Jelonet is a sterile paraffin Tulle Gras dressing made from open weave gauze.  The gauze has interlocking threads which minimise fraying when the dressing is cut to shape.

Can be combined with topical medication of choice – Jelonet is not medicated and so is ideal for use with the topical antiseptic or antibiotic of choice.

Use on:

Minor burns and scalds
Donor and recipient skin graft sites
Skin loss wounds, lacerations and abrasions
Leg ulcers

Each dressing is supplied in individually wrapped sterile packets.