MP5 Epilepsy Bed Seizure Detection Alarm


How Does It Work?

The MP5 uses a patented movement sensor, which is positioned under the persons mattress roughly at a shoulder height position. The monitor is powered by a mains charger and has a 12 hour battery backup in case of mains power failure or interruption. The sensor has a sensitivity control to allow for adjustment for patient body weight and bed mattress type.

A quick tweak of the control dial is all that is required to set the correct movement detection level, confirmed by a lit LED.

Also has a control dial allowing adjustment from 2 – 20 seconds. This setting allows a person to turn over, cough, or reposition themselves on their bed without an alarm generated. This feature virtually eliminates false alarms. Adjustment of the controls takes only a few seconds and when complete are digitally stored to prevent tampering or accidental adjustment.

Some people vocalise preceding or during a seizure. To aid reliable detection of minor convulsive seizures, a built in microphone, frequency tuned to detect human sounds, continually monitors for sound. A gain (sound level) control allows the optimum sound detection level to be set, with the setting also digitally stored to prevent tamper. Detected sounds result in an alarm transmission to the carer pagers.

During a convulsive Tonic/Clonic seizure (stiffening then jerking) the sensor identifies the unusual prolonged movements. Seizure movement can be detected as quickly as 5 seconds, depending on settings as described above. The monitor then transmits an alarm signal to the two carer pagers supplied as part of the system.


Monitor specifications


Dimensions L 150mm W 105mm D 45mm

Seizure detected led lights to warn of a detected seizure

Powered by 12v power adaptor with battery backup

Patient vocal monitor microphone to detect choking, grunting sounds

Power status and movement detection LED’s movement

Sensor: lead length 3m dimensions: L 75mm W 55mm D 25mm

Silent alarm no internal sounders

Output connector for linking to auto dialler, nurse call system or dispersed alarm (Telecare)


Alarm pager specifications (2 supplied)

Power 2 x AA batteries vibration and or tone alert low battery warning radio signal integrity checking

Dimensions: H 80 W 60 D 28mm